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 4 I can create a moving Sprite
 1 I can show I understand that computers need precise instructions

🏁 Learning Objective 5 :- I can create a moving Sprite

Creating a Script for a Sprite

Now it's time to create that first script. We're going to create a script for the starfish sprite to make it move across the screen. So start by selecting that sprite (Sprite 3 in my project).

Making the Script Start With an Event

The first thing any script needs is an event to kick it off.

Click on the Events blocks and drag the first block onto the scripts pane (when green flag clicked). Your project will look like this:


Activity - Moving your Sprite.

Use the card below to make a moving sprite.


Scratch Extension Question

Now see if you can now make your sprite move by changing the co-ordinate values of x and y.



🏁 Learning Objective 6 :- I can show I understand that computers need precise instructions

We are now going to do some drawing in scratch. So first we need to delete our cat and add a new pencil sprite.


Then we need to edit our pencil costume so that the tip of the pencil points to the centre of the area.


Now add in the x-y grid backdrop


Move our pencil so that it goes to the co-ordinates (-100 , 100)


Then finally in scratch online to do our drawing we have to click on the extensions button (in the bottom left corner of the screen).


and click on the pen extension


Now we are ready to do some drawing !

Challenge 1 - Draw a square - Look at the scratch blocks below complete the script to draw a complete square.


Challenge 2 - Now try and draw a cross + in the centre of the screen like the one below.


More Challenges

Other Shapes

Answer the questions below based upon your current understanding of the topic i.e. ( Red, Amber, Green ) :

  • Write a program to create a line drawing of a triangle.
  • Extend your program to draw the different types of triangle, right-angled, isosceles, equilateral and scalene.
  • Write a program to use the keys to move the pencil so that you can create your own images.

Create a different sprite for each drawing

Update your learning objectives


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