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Lesson 3 - Decisions and branching

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 4 I can show I have a basic understanding of Selection
 5 I can use If statements
 5 I can use Selection with a solid understanding
 5 I can use Scoring

🏁 Learning Objective 7 :- I can show I have a basic understanding of Selection

Scratch Selection

In scratch we can make decision by using control blocks :


Using IF

We can use the IF control block to help us make a selection. Look at the example below and then copy it into scratch. What does it do when you run it?


🏁 Learning Objective 8 :- I can use If statements

Using Selection to answer questions

Look at the blocks below. Can you put them together so that they ask the user what their name is and say hello using their name in the answer?

Then can you ask a simple maths question and say if the user was correct or incorrect?


Extension task

Can you add some more questions to our quiz?


🏁 Learning Objective 9 :- I can use Selection with a solid understanding

Scratch Selection - Improving our code

Can we now improve our code so that we also tell the user what the correct asnwer was if they go it wrong?


Here is an example of another maths question for our quiz, with the answer included, see if you can add some more quesions of your own to your maths quiz before we start keeping score

Don't forget to update your objectives

If you are now confident using if else blocks then make it green, if yoou still need more practice make it amber,

Add a comment to le me know how you are getting on


🏁 Learning Objective 10 :- I can use Scoring

Adding a variable

Task 1 - Look at the picture below and create a variable called score


Task 2 - Look at the picture below and set your variable score = 0


Extension task

Can you include core in your blocks so that when the user gets an answer correct their score increases?



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