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Lesson 1 -Scratch review

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Learning Objectives
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 3 I can create Sprites
 3 I can use/create backgrounds
 4 I can create a moving Sprite

🏁 Learning Objective 3 :- I can create Sprites

Creating Backdrops and Sprites in Scratch

In Scratch, the backdrop and sprites are assets. Assets also include costumes and sounds, which you can add to your sprites.

To create a background or a spite, you can do one of four things:

  • Import a background or sprite from the library provided by Scratch.
  • Import a sprite file from your computer.
  • Import a graphics file for use as a backdrop or costume, and then use the costume to create a sprite.
  • Draw your backdrop or costume using the drawing tools provided by Scratch, and use costumes to create your sprite.

In this tutorial, we will work through a new project and use each of these techniques in different ways.

Creating Sprites in Scratch

Watch the video and then create a sprite using Scratch, it should look something like the one below.


Lesson Challenge

Now see if you can now make your own sprite using scratch, you don't have to be an artist just create something you can use later, then update your objectives.


🏁 Learning Objective 4 :- I can use/create backgrounds

Creating backgrounds

Let's start by giving our project a backdrop. Below the stage you'll see that there are four options for creating backdrops, each of which has an icon:


Adding a Backdrop From the Library

Start by using the library. Click on the left hand icon to view the backdrops library:

Backdrop Library

Select an image (I'm using 'beach-malibu') and click the OK button.

The cat sprite will now be in front of your background:

Sprite on Background

As your project had a plain white backdrop when you started, it will now have two backdrops. You can view all of your backdrops by clicking on the Stage (next to your sprites) and then clicking on the Backdrops tab to the right of the stage. This reveals the backdrops pane:

Sprite on Background

Here you can add or delete backdrops and edit existing ones.

Lesson Challenge

Now see if you can now make your own sprite with a backdrop you have created or edited.


🏁 Learning Objective 5 :- I can create a moving Sprite

Creating a Script for a Sprite

Now it's time to create that first script. We're going to create a script for the starfish sprite to make it move across the screen. So start by selecting that sprite (Sprite 3 in my project).

Making the Script Start With an Event

The first thing any script needs is an event to kick it off.

Click on the Events blocks and drag the first block onto the scripts pane (when green flag clicked). Your project will look like this:


Moving your Sprites

Watch the video and then create a moving sprite using Scratch.

Moving around using arrow keys

Here is the final Scratch Script code for Part 1.

Responsive image

Extension Activity part 1

  1. Experiment with step sizes: very small, small, larger, very large.
  2. Experiment with all ranges of turns.
  3. Experiment by combining move and turn actions simultaneously.
  4. Experiment pointing into all range of directions and to other sprites.
  5. Experiment combining all actions in this lesson.


Extension Activity

Part 2 Move with costume change

Here is the final Scratch Script code for Part 2.

Responsive image

Extension Activity part 2

  1. Experiment by synchronizing changes of costumes and backgrounds.

Part 3 - Adding Sound

Part 4 - Changing backgrounds using BroadCast

Use broadcasting to change the background when the helicopter touches the edge of the screen

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