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Lesson 4 - Sensing

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 5 I can use Sensing
 6 I can use variables and assignment

🏁 Learning Objective 16 :- I can use Sensing


In maze, pong, or collide type games, you usually want a sprite to bounce back or move when it touches an edge or an object. This can be accomplished by using a Sensing block such as the ones shown to the left. These blocks are usually placed in a block and then an block (which are Control blocks) along with Motion blocks that tell the sprite how far to move. The sample at the right tells the sprite to turn right 180 degrees and then move 10 steps.

Click on the image on the right to see more.

Exercise - Bouncing Ball

Create a bouncing ball in scratch using the code below

Note:Don’t forget to create a ball first!


Scratch Extension Question

Create another sprite, call it ‘floor’. Make it a rectangle at the bottom of the screen. Change the blocks on the ball sprite so that if it touches the floor it changes colour.

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🏁 Learning Objective 17 :- I can use variables and assignment

More Variables - Timer (Data Block)

You can also create a timer as a variable in the Data blocks in the same way that you created a Score block. Watch the video below to help you create a very simple countdown timer

Scratch Extension Task

Add some more blocks to your script so that when the countdown timer = 0. The cat says "Game over".
Also Change the background.

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