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i-Media - Digital Applications

Learning Objective 2 - Planning a multipage website

Task 1 - The Client and the target audience

By reading the Scenario on the right you need to identify the following:

  1. the client's requirements for the multipage website
  2. A requirement is something that is necessary and must be done. Try and identify all of the things that you think the client wants you to do from the scenrio document. Then decide how you think you might meet their needs.

    You might want to create a mind map to help you identify all of the requirements.

  3. the characteristics and requirements of the target audience
  4. Explain who you think the target audience is.

    Characteristics: - Think the kind of groups who would be most interested in this type of event(Target Audience), you could do it by age ,gender,location,income etc.

    Requirements:- What kind of device might these people view the site on? How might that effect what you put on the page. How might their income effect how you promote your event?

You should present your findings in a report or a presentation

Task 2 - Creating a plan

You now need to create a plan for your website pages which must include the following:

1. Create a work plan for your multipage website

For a larger image click on the link on the right

It should include the following

  • tasks
  • activities
  • workflow
  • timescales
  • resources
  • milestones
  • contingencies

2. Identify the resources needed to create the multipage website

Which of the following resources might you require and why?

  • internet access
  • web server
  • domain name
  • computer system and software

Are there any other resources you can think of?

3. Identify the assets you will neede to create a multipage website (e.g. backgrounds, banners, buttons, shapes, text, fonts etc.)

You should present your evidence in an appropriate way

Task 3 - Producing ideas

These should include:

1. A site map with navigation links

2. A visualisation of the proposed page layout

Tools for visual elements

3. A house style and master page for use in the multipage website

Master page

House Style

Task 4 - Legal restrictions

You need to: consider the legal restrictions on the content of your multipage website. Consideration should be given to assets that are sourced or created. The website will be used in a commercial context. You will need to consider the legal issues and restrictions on the assets used, whether sourced or created.

You should present your evidence in an appropriate way

Target Audience


Creating a plan






Site Map


Mood Board

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Create a logo

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Find your colours