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i-Media - Digital Applications

Learning Objective 1 - Understand the properties and features of multipage websites

Task 1 - Purpose of websites

The websites you choose must be from the following categories:

  1. providing information
  2. providing entertainment
  3. providing instruction
  4. e-commerce
  5. public service

You will need to choose 3 different websites and evaluate each of them them as follows:

  • Say what type of website they are - see the list above
  • Explain their
    purpose You should explain why you think the websites were made. What is the website trying to achieve?
  • Explain their target
    audience The type of person, the age group of people it was specifically made for.
  • The
    features e.g. a feature of a web site is a navigation bar, its purpose is to help people easily access other pages and information on the website
    and what each feature is and what the purpose of those features are.
  • Click on the link below the picture on the right sidebar to see some examples of features.

You should present your findings in a report or a presentation

Task 2 - Devices used to access web pages

Do some research for each of the following devices:

  • Laptops and personal computers
  • Mobile devices and smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Games consoles
  • Digital television

For each of the devices you need to:

  • Give a description of the device
  • State who would typically use the device and what type of websites they would access with that type of device and why?

You should present your findings in a report or a presentation

Task 3 - Create a summary document for the different methods of connecting to the internet.

These should include:

  • wired broadband
  • wi-fi (e.g. private local area networks, public hotspots)
  • wireless broadband (e.g. 3G, HSDPA, 3GPP, LTE).

For each connection method you should explain each of the following:

  • What it is?
  • How it works?
  • Who is likely to use it? (families, businesses, teenagers)
  • What device is it likely to be used with? (Smart TV, laptop, PC, mobile phone, tablet, games console)
  • The typical speeds

Below is an example of typical wired broadband speeds.

Here are some website links to help with your research

What is 3G? What is a public hot spot? What is 3GPP? What is LTE?



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Target Audience


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Website Features