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Designing a website

What do I need to Learn?

I need to learn how to design a simple webpage
I need to learn how to create a master page template design

Knowledge Organiser



Task 1 - Getting Organised - PowerPoint Click to see more

  1. Set your Learning Objectives to red.

  2. We are going to save all of our work for this topic into this PowerPoint.

  3. To download the PowerPoint by clicking on the image below

  4. Save your PowerPoint as 'Web Design'

Task 2 - What's it all about? Click to see more

Your own ideas


Coming up with a good idea for a web page is not easy, you could start a blog or an online course, you could even sell things in an online store.


Task 1

  1. First come up with an idea for a website of your own. if you are struggling for ideas click on the link below
  2. Next find an image that represents that idea
  3. Decryption

Extension- Whats in a name?

  • Think of a name for your website
  • Write it in your powerpoint using WordArt.
  • Wordart
  • Save your ideas into your PowerPoint

  • Task 3 - Layout Click to see more

    You got the look

  • In order to be able to design our first web page we need to know what it's layou will be.
  • Over time web designers have discovered the layouts which work best on a website, below are examples of them.
  • Basic layout
    Medium layout
    Advanced layout

    Here you can see different layouts depending on the difficulty to create them.

    Task 2

    1. Pick a layout that you like
    2. Create the layout you like in your PowerPoint on a new blank slide
    3. Use the shapes(rectangles) in PowerPoint to recreate the actual layout

  • Don't forget to save your PowerPoint

  • Task 4 - Colour Scheme Click to see more

    Hexadecimal Colours

  • Web pages use hexadecimal numbers for their colours. We have created colours using the RGB values before.
  • Task 3

    1. Click on the link below and create a Triadic colour scheme using hexadecimal colours for your web page.
    2. Screenshot your Triadic colour scheme into your powerpoint.


  • Use your new Triadic colour scheme in your page layout design.

  • Save your ideas into your PowerPoint

  • Task 5 - Cool text Click to see more

    Making a page logo

  • Most websites have either a logo or a banner for their pages or even both.
  • We are going to create a logo for our page or our banner using the online tool Cool Text Graphics Generator
  • Task 4

    1. Click on the link below and create some cool text to use as part of a logo or banner for your web page.
    2. Don't forget to use a colour from your Triadic colour scheme
    3. When you have done download the cooltext image/logo and then add it into your powerpoint


  • Use your new cooltext in your page layout design.
  • Maybe use it to create a banner .

  • Save your ideas into your PowerPoint

  • Task 6 - Lesson review Click to see more

    Summing it all up

    Lets look at the learning outcomes and decide which one best describes our current level of understanding :

    Tick the one you feel is closest to your level

    Learning Outcomes I need to learn how to design a simple webpage

    • I have a basic understanding of how I can design a simple webpage with a little help from my teacher
    • I can show my teacher that I can design a simple webpage without their help.
    • I can design a simple webpage independently and I can also explain it to others and can complete any extension tasks I am given.

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    My Notes: Web_Design

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